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Berjaya Kitchen Equipment

Techmate Equipments is the leading supplier and dealer of Berjaya kitchen equipments in India. Berjaya is a Malaysian company that offers  the most comprehensive product portfolio in commercial kitchen as well as food service industry. We are primarily Berjaya ovens and mixers suppliers in India. Berjaya mixers are low priced to provide significant savings over other brands. A proven design combined with a solid construction equals years of reliability. Techmate Equipments is privileged to be a Berjaya ovens suppliers and dealers in India. Whip up savings with Techmate’s family of Berjaya heavy-duty mixers. These mixers are powered with the custom-built motors, gear-driven transmissions, rugged construction and dependable operation that will provide you with the years of reliable performance at fraction of the cost of competitive mixers. We are one of the most promising Berjaya mixers suppliers and dealers in India.Whether a high-volume bakery or a pizzeria, mixing delicate meringues or a tough dough, Berjaya mixers give you the perfect mix – backed by superior warranty. Durable, tough, and built to last are the qualities that make Berjaya mixers and ovens the best solution for your mixing and baking needs. Berjaya’s  commitment to quality protects your investment for years to come.

Techmate Equipment is the leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer, Exporter, Trader and Service Provider of all type of Kitchen Equipment like Semi-Automatic Berjaya Mixer, Fully Automatic Berjaya Mixer, Berjaya Oven, Berjaya Deck Oven, coffee grinders and much more. Berjaya is one of the Best manufacturers of commercial & Industrial kitchen equipment & commercial Mixer Oven in Malaysia. Enquire us about food equipment today.

Berjaya Malaysia

BERJAYA based on professional know-how with R&D, manufacture technique and satisfactory service attitude, to offer excellent bakery equipment, to contribute the bakery custimers.

Innovate to develop new product, enhance production technique, improve product quality for providing more satisfactory product customers.

Keep sincere & honest, identity right & wrong, harmonious to concern each other, to unite together, to develop benefit for share with customers, subcontractor, colleague, stockholder and publics in the country.

Customer's satisfaction, quality request is promise of BERJAYA for serving the customers.

Berjaya Malaysia