Rondo USA

Rondo Dough Sheeter USA

Techmate Equipments is the most promising Rondo dough sheeter supplier and dealer in India. Rondo is a reputed Swiss company that has been developing and producing commercial dough machines for over 65 years. The company design their dough machines with the help of mechanical and electronic engineers, food technologists, and master bakers to create products that perform orderly and effectively. Techmate is the proud Rondo dough sheeter supplier in India. We provide the dough sheeters at the most reasonable prices. With Rondo dough sheeters, you can process all types of doughs, from puff, croissant and Danish pastry to yeast, short crust and filo doughs. The dough sheeters are very durable and versatile and we are the most authentic Rondo dough sheeter dealers in India. These machines stand out for their gentle sheeting, thereby keeping the fat and the dough layers intact while cooking. Optimum ratio between the infeed and outfeed speed let you produce exact dough bands down to the lowest final thicknesses. Rondo has been passionate about the production of high quality dough sheeters and developing solutions ranging from economical space-saving sheeters for small restaurants and bakeries, to high-performance mechanical sheeters for processing large quantities of dough.

Techmate Equipment is the leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer, Exporter, Trader and Service Provider of all type of dough sheeter like Semi-Automatic rondo dough sheeter, Fully Automatic rondo dough sheeter. Rondo is one of the Best manufacturers of commercial & Industrial dough sheeter in USA. Enquire us about food equipment today.


With the Rondopress it is an easy, exertion-free job to shape uniform, rectangular blocks of dough and plates of fat – just what you need for making up perfect dough bands.

Spar Mixers is proud to announce our product line of heavy-duty planetary mixers. Standard on Spar heavy duty mixers are microswitches which automatically shut the mixer down when the guard is slid open or the bowl lowered. This protects operators from injury and owners from liability. All Spar heavy duty mixers have thermal overload protection, which immediately shuts off the motor in an overload situation before costly damage can occur to the motor or transmission components. Spar heavy duty dough mixers are coated with a long-lasting, chip-resistant, toxin-free paint enamel. ​

Spar uses state of the art CNC machines to cut all body castings and mill all gears and shafts. Samples from each batch are evaluated to exacting standards by a computerized Italian MPM 3-dimensional analyzer.