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Techmate Equipments is the leading Dealer, retailer, trader, wholesaler, supplier of Unox ovens in Delhi, NCR, India. We provide a huge range of Unox ovens like semi-automatic Unox ovens, fully automatic Unox ovens, Unox deck ovens, Unox combi ovens, top Unox electric convection Ovens, Unox bakery ovens. Unox is the ace company for convection and combi ovens. Techmate is one of the best companies dealing with the whole range of Unox ovens and providing them at the most reasonable prices across India. Procuring a vast clientele, we have achieved a reputable position in the global market. Owing to the highly qualified expert team, we have nurtured ourselves as a renowned organisation through cut throat competition. Unox ovens(Unox combi ovens, Unox Deck ovens, Unox bakery ovens, Unox electric convection ovens, Unox convection ovens) are designed and manufactured to guarantee an impeccable level of quality in every cooking process.Techmate Equipments offers a wide range of Unox convection ovens suitable for hotels, bakeries and confectioneries, restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops etc. The speciality of Unox combi ovens lies in the fact that they can be used as convection ovens in dry air mode, as steam ovens in steam mode and in mixed mode, that is dry air and steam. We offer the superior range of Unox bakery ovens making us the pioneers in the industry. The Unox electric convection ovens supplied by us are appreciated by a large number of clients due to high quality and durability. Keeping the track of all the latest technological advancements in this domain, we manufacture and supply the supreme quality of Unox Deck Ovens.Techmate Equipments is included in the list of verified sellers offering supreme quality of Unox ovens making us one of the best dealers of Unox ovens in India.

Techmate is the authorised dealer and service centre for unox products in Delhi, India. We have wide ranges of unox oven
Unox Oven XFT 133
Unox Convection Oven XF-023
Unox Convection Oven XF-043
Unox Convection Oven XB-693
Unox Convection Oven XFT 193
Unox Convection Oven XFT 133
Electric Unox Convection Oven XF-003
Electric Unox Convection Oven - XFT-113
Bakerlux XEFT 04 HS ELDV
Unox Bakerlux Shop Pro XEFT 04 EU ETRV
Unox Bakerlux XEFT 04EU ELDV
Unox Bakery Oven XB 693
Unox XEVC-0311-EPRM Electric Oven
Unox Bakertop XEBC 06EU EPRM
Bakerlux SHOP Pro XEFT 03HS ELDV
Bakerlux Shop Pro Xeft 10EU ELRV
Bakerlux Shop Pro Xeft 03 EU ELDV
Bakery Equipment
Unox Combi Oven XEBC 10EU EPR
Unox Combi Oven XV393
Unox XEFT-10EU-ELRV Camilla LED
XF 043 Unox Oven
Unox Oven XF 003
Unox Oven XB 693
XV 393 Oven
XF 023 Unox Oven
Unox Combi Oven XEVC-0511-E1RM
XFT 113 Unox Convection Oven

Unox, gas and electric ovens for cooking

Unox designs and manufactures professional ovens for catering, gastronomy, large kitchens and banqueting, catering chains, fast food, bakery and fresh and frozen pastries and, finally, for installations on large ships and platforms. Unox ovens are designed and manufactured to guarantee an impeccable level of quality in every cooking process..

Unox's research has led to the creation of five intelligent technologies designed to optimize your work, improve your performance and help you to give life to your culinary projects: ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ that measures the amount of food cooked and guarantees perfect cooking in all loading conditions, regardless of the number of trays placed in the oven; CLIMALUX™ that measures the degree of humidity and acts by inserting or removing steam to achieve the desired humidity level; AUTO.Soft that regulates the temperature rise to ensure optimal heat distribution; SMART.Preheating to automatically manage the preheating and always have the exact amount of heat before starting the cooking and, finally, SENSE.Klean, which estimates the degree of dirtiness of the oven and suggests the most suitable washing mode to avoid waste.

Unox combi ovens can be used as convection ovens, in dry air mode, as steam ovens, in steam mode and in mixed mode, that is dry air and steam. They allow you to cook dehydrating the outside and keeping the inside soft for dishes such as roasts or to boil vegetables, fish and rice with steam and, finally, to combine dry air and steam for long cooking or to balance the dehydration of the dishes.