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Techmate Equipments is the prime Dean fryers supplier, trader and dealer in India. Dean electric fryers are recognized throughout the world for their unmatched quality. Our company is proud to be a trusted distributor of Dean electric fryers in India. Dean fryers are known for the perfect combination of high quality and value. One of the specialities of these electric fryers is that they crisp the foods to perfection. Dean has made a name for itself in the field of electric frying through continuous innovation and development. We are privileged to be an authentic Dean electric fryer suppliers in the country. The fryers are available in different styles and models to suit your menu and needs. Dean continues to deliver some of the best, most efficient high-performance fryers in the business, helping operators around the world get through daily high-volume frying demands with the reliability, energy efficiency, and safety by designing their products to facilitate effortless oil preservation and precise control over cooking results. Techmate Equipments is one of the best traders of Dean electric fryers in the Indian subcontinent making the nation feel proud on us for serving it so well with the most authentic products.

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With the Rondopress it is an easy, exertion-free job to shape uniform, rectangular blocks of dough and plates of fat – just what you need for making up perfect dough bands.

Dean Electric Fryer is proud to announce our product line of heavy-duty . Standard on Spar heavy duty mixers are microswitches which automatically shut the mixer down when the guard is slid open or the bowl lowered. This protects operators from injury and owners from liability. All Spar heavy duty mixers have thermal overload protection, which immediately shuts off the motor in an overload situation before costly damage can occur to the motor or transmission components. Spar heavy duty dough mixers are coated with a long-lasting, chip-resistant, toxin-free paint enamel. ​

Dean Electric uses state of the art CNC machines to cut all body castings and mill all gears and shafts. Samples from each batch are evaluated to exacting standards by a computerized Italian MPM 3-dimensional analyzer.